Thomas Schweiß, M.Sc.

Room: H 439
Phone: +49 (0)651 201-2830
Email: schweiss[at]

Short Bio

In 2018, Thomas Schweiß achieved his master’s degree in media and computer science at the Trier University of Applied Sciences Environmental Campus of Birkenfeld. In cooperation with Centigrade GmbH, he developed a web-based augmented reality application for HMDs as his master's thesis project. He investigated the system's effectiveness and efficiency in terms of the support of collaborative capacity planning of human resources. Before, he implemented a VR-demonstrator together with Shapefield UG company, which enables users to experience new interaction methods in a virtual production line within Industry 4.0 environments. As scientific assistant at the Trier University of Applied Sciences and within the project Open MINT Labs, he developed a virtually accessible laboratory using virtual reality technology. Thomas Schweiß is currently working in a DFG-funded project at University of Trier, in which an interdisciplinary research team investigates the effects of ambient awareness on the temporal coordination of spatial distributed teams.


DFG - Die Wirkung von Ambient Awareness auf die zeitliche Koordination von räumlich verteilten Teams


Schweiß, T. (2018). Analysis, conception and implementation of an augmented reality environment for intuitive data visualization for collaborative capacity planning. Trier University of Applied Sciences Environmental Campus of Birkenfeld