Study features

Trier University: First German university offering EMOS certificate

Trier University is the first and only university in Germany where you can obtain the EMOS (European Master in Survey Statistics) certificate. Trier University is one of 11 European universities offering the certificate.

It can be attained within the M.Sc. Survey Statistics program by choosing specific modules, in particular:

  • Research Project and Mater's Thesis dealing with official statistics
  • Attendance of EMOS core modules

Further information can be found in the Module Manual and will be communicated at the beginning of the lectures. Please visit Eurostat as well.

You can find the press release of the university from 22.05.2015 here.

Cooperation with the Free University of Berlin and the University of Bamberg

With the use of modern IT-technologies offered lectures are interconnected bidirectionally at the three participating universities. This enables it to provide amore varied range of lectures for students from which they can choose for their modules.

Strong practical orientation

The aim of the Master’s program is the integration of students in applied research. This is expressed by two alternative course of the study options:

  • In the standard version, a two-semester research project should be completed, in which the integration into an existing research project is supposed to be promoted (see, for example, current research projects). With 20 LP this accounts for a major proportion of the entire study program. The involvement in the ongoing research activities promotes particularly key-skills such as teamwork, initiative and communication skills.
  • In the alternative version, the research project can be replaced by an external research internship. Here, the nearby institutions Eurostat, the German Federal Statistical Office or the European Central Bank are potential attractive contact points, in which the learned statistical and methodological skills are supposed to  be used in current applied research issues. This can enable a direct transition of the master’s program into practice and the diffusion of practical and theoretical knowledge in both directions.

Double Master's Degree

The possibility to complete a double Master exists for

  • Survey Statistics + Economics
  • Survey Statistics + Economic Sociology
  • Survey Statistics + Business Mathematics

There is an option to earn a double master's degree, where up to 50 ECTS can be credited for both programmes.

The modules "Survey Sampling", "Elements of Econometrics and Statistics", "Monte-Carlo Simulation Methods" and a programme-specific master's thesis are mandatory.

The following modules can be replaced in Survey Statistics:

  • Economics: Application, Statistics
  • Economic Sociology: Application, Research Project
  • Business Mathematics: Application


The following modules can be replaced in the other programmes:

  • Economics: Research Project, Methods
  • Economic Sociology: Research Project, Electives
  • Business Mathematics: Economics Modules

Details must be agreed with the programme coordinator, other combinations are possible.

Close relationship to the department

A special support concept allows for students to be accompanied by lecturers during their course of study, which supports its optimal organisation. The research module helps a close integration into the chair team, which is supposed to  promote not only  practical application, but also research expertise. In addition, team and communication skills are strengthened.