The entire organization of the TriMUN project is the participating delegates’ responsibility. There are altogether four Orga Teams and each participant is assigned to one of them (you can express preferences in the interview). This way, each member collects valuable hands-on experience in their department.

Public Relations

The public relations (PR) team is responsible for the outwards representation as well as the perception of the project. Administering both the homepage and TriMUN’s social media accounts are also part of the team’s responsibility. Moreover, in order to raise awareness of the project, it is up to the PR team to contact newspapers, the radio or TV channels.


The fundraising team acquires sponsors who – at best financially – support TriMUN or otherwise collects money through booths and parties. The team works closely with the PR team since the events need to be promoted in addition to reporting about them.

Travel and Finance

During the TriMUN project, the delegation travels to conferences, for instance in Erfurt, Berlin and New York City. The travel and finance team is responsible for organizing and booking the travels and accommodations to each conference, as well as collecting the money from each participant.

Final Report

The final report team is mainly responsible for writing a report on each simulation. In these reports, the process, impressions as well as events of the conferences are recorded. Following the final simulation in New York and the report about the WorldMUN, all reports are put together to a comprehensive final report.