Information for first-year students

Dear first-year students,

we are pleased that you have chosen one of our mathematics courses.

It is planned to hold an introductory event for our courses of study at the university before the start of the lecture period of the winter semester 2020/21. Whether and in what form this can be realized will probably only be decided at short notice.
Therefore, you will receive the most important information here in advance:

1. students of BSc Mathematics, BSc Business Mathematics and BEd Mathematics should attend the two lectures with exercises "Linear Algebra" and "Introduction to Mathematics" in the field of mathematics.
Please note that we offer two different introductions to mathematics.
The larger of the two (5 hours lecture and 3 hours exercise per week, lecturer Jürgen Müller) is aimed at students of the BSc programs Mathematics and Business Mathematics, the smaller (3 hours lecture and 2 hours exercise per week, lecturer Olaf Post) at teacher training students.
If you are studying to become an elementary school teacher, you will only take the Introduction to Mathematics in the first semester. Linear Algebra is then planned for the second semester.
Students of the BSc programs (Mathematics and Business Mathematics) should also attend the lecture "Introduction to Programming" in the winter semester.

Currently, it is planned that the two introductions to mathematics will be held as classroom courses. The Linear Algebra is offered in digital form.

Depending on the course of study you have chosen, you should attend further courses outside the mathematics part.

  • For BSc Mathematics Core Subject: A course from one of the possible application subjects Business Administration, Economics, Computer Science, Earth Sciences and Sociology. You are free to choose which of these application subjects you would like to study, and you can certainly "get a taste" of different ones (in the digital sense) at the beginning. You will only decide later in the semester when you register for the exam.


  • For BSc Mathematics minor subject: Courses from your major subject


  • At BSc Business Mathematics: "Fundamentals of Economics I: Microeconomics" and "Fundamentals of Economics I: Leadership Processes".


  • With BEd Maths teaching profession: Events from her other subject.

3. please register for the courses in PORTA that suit you best. Please make sure that you register for the event
for the corresponding test. Exam registrations are only possible later in the semester. Registering for a course only means that you will be included in the pool of participants. It is also possible to drop out during the semester. So if you
If you are not quite sure whether you would like to complete the event, registration is not a problem at this time. You will receive more detailed information regarding the dates and sequence of the individual courses and the corresponding examinations (after registration) from the respective lecturers at the start of the lecture period.

4. please direct any questions regarding the course of study to the Mathematics Advisor, Jürgen Müller, E-Mail: jmuelleruni-trierde