Open Math room 2020/21

This semester the open math room will take place again. The open math room is an offer to all interested students of the first and second semester in a mathematics program. In a communicative atmosphere, questions about the lecture can be discussed together, solutions for exercises can be refined and difficult concepts can be repeated and understood. You will be supervised by students in advanced studies who, even at the beginning of their mathematical education, probably faced similar problems as you are now and would like to share their learned tricks and insights with you.

But beware: the open math room is not intended to allow others to solve exercises for you and does not replace your own examination of the lecture content; on the contrary, working through the lecture material on your own is actually a prerequisite for meaningful and instructive participation in the meetings. In particular, the open math room is not part of the regular lectures, but represents a voluntary additional offer in the context of self-study. Especially in this semester, this offer can be used to get to know fellow students and to get together in groups. In order to facilitate networking among each other, we offer you to voluntarily register with Slack and join a workspace for the open matheroom 2020/21. Please use the invitation link that will be sent to you through your events. The last semester has shown that the open matheroom can remain open digitally. Whether or not it will be possible to offer on-site appointments this semester has not yet been decided. Either way, there will be two dates per week. For further information (e.g. the access data) and the current dates, please pay attention to announcements in your courses!

If you have any questions regarding the open matheroom, please contact Michèle Gassner (s4migassuni-trierde) or Charlotte Cost (costuni-trierde)