Courses in Winter semester 2023/24:

Intellectual property I - SPB 8

Wednesday, 8.30 - 10.00 a.m. in room C10


The lecture is designed as a flipped-classroom event in the winter semester. I will make the full lecture available to you on stud.ip as video podcasts.Classroom events are held on campus every two weeks; the schedule can be found in the lecture reader on stud.ip. You will use the video podcasts and the recommended readings they contain to prepare for the classroom sessions. Afterwards, I will be available for questions and will also repeat and deepen selected aspects of the video podcasts in conversation with you. As the core of the classroom unit, we practically apply the acquired knowledge in a dialogical discussion of a current judgment or a classic judgment. I have received very positive feedback from students - after initial reluctance - for this teaching method. Please read the ruling thoroughly before the event and solve it in preparation for the exam. After the classroom session, you will have the opportunity via stud.IP to answer questions in a small quiz in a review session.

The lecture is complemented by the exam course II, where you can practice writing exams based on previous original focus exams.

 Property law (Lecture)

Wednesday 10:00 -12:00  a.m. weekly in HS 3

Prof. Dr. Raue


Examination seminar SPB 8

Here you can find more information about the procedure under SPB 8 and about the exams.