Trier Talks on Law and Digitalisation

Lecture Series Organisers:


Prof. Dr. Benjamin Raue

Chair of Private Law, Law of the Information Society and Intellectual Property

Prof. Dr. Antje von Ungern-Sternberg

Chair of German and International Public Law, State-Church Law and International Law


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Topics and Lectures:

Winter Semester 2019/20
The Digital Dimension of Law

The Digital Dimension of Law

Tuesday, 19.11.2019 - When the Language Bot Sells Insurance - Legal Issues of the Use of AI in Insurance

Summer Semester 2019


Tuesday, 18.06.2019: ...of the citizen?

The second event on 18. June will show how public opinion has been manipulated by social media in the past and what role the state has to play in protecting public opinion from "storms, clouds and bubbles".

Orestis Papakyriakopoulos (Technical University Munich): Manipulation of Opinion in Social Media

Prof. Dr. Albert Ingold (University Mainz): Storms,Clouds, Bubbles and the state protection of the climate of opinion


Monday, 20.05.2019: ...of the Customers?

The first event on 20.May will focus on the function,significance and benefits of online advertising and  the question of whether data-sensitive customers should be given the right to data collection-free products

Dr. Jann Cornels (Fechner Rechtsanwälte, Hamburg): Function, Significance and Benefits of Online Advertising

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Becker (University Siegen): A Right to Data Collection-Free Products?