Cross-border Workshop: PhD what comes next?

ABG (Association Bernard Gregory) in coopration with several universities and insitutions from Luxembourg, France and Germany

8 to 10 December 2021 | 9 – 17 Uhr | ONLINE

In the past decades and at a time when innovation is a keyword for economic and societal growth, the doctorate has become a gateway to a diversity of career options, way beyond academic research. However, PhD candidates do not have a clear vision of their options outside academia and may lack self-confidence when it comes to market their research experience or identify their skills. 

For this reason, the three-day intensive seminar organised by the ABG (Association Bernard Gregory) in coopration with several universities and insitutions from Luxembourg, France and Germany will allow PhD students (who are in an advanced stage or have recently graduated) to pinpoint their specific skills, go over their work history, define their future career plan in a new perspective and efficiently communicate with recruiters in France, Germany, and Luxembourg. Particular attention will be paid to international mobility as a part of the career plan.

Goals of the seminar

  • exploring the job market and opportunities for PhDs outside academia in the three countries
  • designing your career plan
  • analyzing your previous experience and/or future goals regarding international mobility and planning the next steps
  • taking stock of and illustrating your skillst

Registration and selection procedure
The organizers seek motivated and committed participants. Please apply by sending

  • the registration form (see attachment)
  • your CV (in English)
  • an accompanying e-mail in English (including your motivation and expectations – a specific paragraph must be dedicated to the presentation of the participants’ career goals)

Teilnehmerzahl und Teilnahmevoraussetzungen
Maximal 3 Teilnehmer*innen der Universität Trier

to schindleuni-trierde
(Register by: Friday 15 October 2021)

Veranstaltung im Rahmen einer Reihe



PhD students who are in an advanced stage and PhD holders who have graduated for less than 6 months at the time of the workshop


Costs: 30 EUR