International Contacts

One of Trier University’s central strategic focuses is international collaboration with partner universities worldwide. The University maintains collaborations with universities on all continents with a regional focus on Europe, the United States and East Asia. There is a close relationship with neighboring universities in France, Luxembourg and Belgium with the cross-border network University of the Greater Region.

International partner universities of Trier University:

University of the Greater Region

Studying and doing research in the greater region at selected universities in France, Luxembourg and Belgium.


Studying throughout Europe: an overview on the approximately 200 Erasmus partner universities of Trier University.

Partners worldwide

A strong network of international partner universities in North America and East Asia (primarily China and Japan) complement our strong partnerships in Europe. Cooperation partners include, among others, Clark University in the United States, St. Petersburg State University in Russia, Waseda University in Japan and Wuhan University in China.