Information for doctoral candidates

The traditional, individual PhD

All Trier University departments offer PhD degree.s If you decide to pursue your doctoral studies here at the university, you will be assigned a professor to serve as your doctoral advisor and provide support during your dissertation phase. After submitting your written thesis you will take an oral exam, in which you defend your dissertation.

The structured PhD Trier University also offers research training groups and graduate programmes in which young academics can pursue structured PhD studies, sometimes with financial support. Successful applicants conduct their doctoral studies according to a set time schedule and remain affiliated with the respective department or research group throughout the process. Students in these programmes benefit from ample opportunity for intensive dialogue and exchange with fellow researchers.

As an international doctoral student you have two options for pursuing your PhD at Trier University. The first is to complete all of your doctoral studies at the university; the second option is to pursue your PhD in your home country and come to Trier for a short research stay.

Research stays

If you are a doctoral candidate studying at a university outside Germany, you have the option of coming to Trier for a short research stay. Make sure to inform yourself ahead of time about funding opportunities; your home university and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) are good points of contact for this.

Before your research stay can begin, you must arrange for an academic advisor who can advise you during your time in Trier. Feel free to contact the university’s International Office with any and all questions regarding your research stay.

During your stay you, along with all other doctoral students, can enjoy access to the university’s extensive offering of activities and services.