I am more than willing to write a reference for you provided

  • you give me enough time, at least two weeks (from the day you have come to see me in my office), to write it. Please make allowances for possible absences during the vacations

  • I know you well enough to really be able to make some specific comments. If there are other teachers who know you better, please turn to them. A reference is not very useful if only statements of a very general nature can be made

  • I am allowed to write the reference. There are some grants for which only professors are allowed to write references.

If you want me write a reference, please fill in the questionnaire and come to my office for an interview.

Note: The reference will be handed to you in a sealed envelope, and you are not allowed to see the text.If there are any specific forms, please fill in your part (if there is one) and bring it to the office.