Why Europe, which Europe?

Why Europe, Which Europe?

A Debate on Contemporary European History as a Field of Research

(mit Jörg Requate, Kassel, und in Kooperation mit den Deutschen Historischen Instituten und der Max Weber Stiftung), https://europedebate.hypotheses.org/

Between national spaces of historical enquiry on the one and global history on the other side: What are European history’s contributions to understanding the past – and the present? What, if any, are its methodological and heuristic characteristics? In which ways has the field developed within the last decade in research institutions all over Europe – and where do we want it to head within the near future? These questions, surprisingly, have never been discussed in a truly European perspective, between historians from all parts of Europe. EuropeDebate has kicked off such a debate. Since October 2020, historians from various parts of Europe have offered new perspectives on European history as a field of research - and more than 11 000 visitors to the website have so far taken an interest in the project. In spring 2022, a third round of the debate will follow; after that, subpanels on specific topics are planned.

Contributors in fall 2020: Efi Avdela (Athens), Martin Conway (Oxford), Pepijn Corduwener (Utrecht), Laura Lee Downs (EUI Florence), Pasi Ihalainen (Jyväskylä), Jitka Malečkovà (Prague) and Alexander Semyonov (St Petersburg).

Contributors in spring 2021: Maciej Górny (Warschau), Karen Gram-Skoldjager (Aarhus), Sandrine Kott (Genf), Ferenc Laczo together with Camilo Ehrlichman and Pablo del Hierro (Maastricht), Giovanni Orsina (Rom), Xosé Manoel Núñez Seixas (Santiago de Compostela), Dubravka Stojanovic (Belgrad).