6th Greater Region PhD Workshop on "Entrepreneurship & Innovation"

The annual Greater Region PhD Workshop on “Entrepreneurship & Innovation” provides a platform for doctoral students from Greater Region Universities to present and receive feedback on their innovative projects from peers and senior researchers that are experts in the field of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The Greater Region PhD Workshop also provides opportunities to establish and further develop collaborative ties between PhD students and senior researchers. The sixth edition of the Greater Region Workshop held in 2019 aims to bring together PhD students and senior researchers from six universities located in four countries of the Greater Region and will additionally comprise summer school elements. Specifically, internationally well-recognized senior researchers (Prof. Dr. Hendrik Wilhelm, Prof. Dr. Christoph Seckler and Dr. Clarissa Weber) will provide high-quality Professional Development Workshop sessions on different research methods. These sessions will contribute to further strengthen the research capabilities of PhD students and foster the academic dialogue between researchers at Greater Region Universities and beyond. 

GR PhD Workshop 2019 in Trier - Program Outline