Media Studies at Trier University

Studying and Researching the Media Society

Mediatisation of society and everyday life is one of the central phenomena of our times. In our interdisciplinary department of Media Studies at Trier University we analyse media and communication in the public sphere from many different perspectives. In our programmes we combine approaches from mass communication studies, sociology, discourse analysis, literary and cultural studies, as well as historical perspectives, with a focus on both theory-oriented scientific reflection as well as applicability of research and media practice.

About our Course of Studies

Our bachelor’s and master’s programmes focus on media development and change in both the past and present, the analysis of media products and reception, as well as media effects on the individual or society as a whole. In addition, the bachelor’s programme features a number of practical courses introducing students to the field of work on the internet, in print, and in the broadcast sector. A key aspect of our programmes is the emphasis placed on project-based learning.

We are currently offering two academic programs. The BA program "Media-Communication-Society" and the MA program "Media Studies". Current information concerning the organization of the studies can be found in the section studies. Our programmes can be studied as either a major subject, a main subject within a two-subject study programme (2/3 share) or a minor subject within a two-subject programme (1/3 share). While in the major programme, students focus exclusively on Media Studies, it is possible to combine it as a main subject with a host of subjects from other programmes at the university.

Our graduates work in journalism, public relations, media and marketing research, media management, design, and education.

About our Research

Many research projects analyse different contemporary and historical aspects of media and communication. The key research interests of our department are:

Professor Klaus Arnold & Staff

Quality in journalism, innovations in journalism and public relations, local journalism, European media cultures, public communication in Europe, social media publics, media history.

Professor Hans-Jürgen Bucher & Staff

Media reception (including eye-tracking research), journalism, online-media, media discourse analysis, science communication, political communication.

Professor Martin Loiperdinger & Staff

Visual media and visual culture of the 19th and 20th century, especially screen history, early cinema and the art of projection; radio history; photojournalism and travel journalism; media dispositives and image studies.

Visit the section professorships to find out more about our research activities.



Festveranstaltung "20 Jahre Trierer Medienwissenschaft"




Prof. Dr. Klaus Arnold verstorben

Das Fach Medienwissenschaft trauert um Professor Dr. Klaus Arnold, der am 29. Mai 2017 nach schwerer Krankheit verstorben ist.

Klaus Arnold hätte noch eine lange wissenschaftliche Zukunft an der Universität Trier vor sich gehabt. Sein früher Tod beendet unvermittelt seine produktive und vielversprechende wissenschaftliche Tätigkeit in Forschung und Lehre. Nach seiner Promotion an der Universität München (2001) und seiner Habilitation an der Katholischen Universität Eichstätt (2008) war er 2010 auf eine Ordentliche Professur für Medienwissenschaft an die Universität Trier berufen worden. Er hat die Erweiterung des Faches Medienwissenschaft um den Bereich Öffentliche Kommunikation tatkräftig und innovativ gestaltet und auf seinen journalistischen Forschungsgebieten vielversprechende neue Akzente gesetzt.  

Wir haben einen allseits beliebten und geschätzten Kollegen verloren, dessen Zuversicht und Tatendrang uns schmerzlich fehlen wird. Unser Mitgefühl gehört in ganz besonderer Weise seiner Frau und den drei Kindern der Familie.