Romance Studies at Trier University

About Our Course of Studies

The department of Romance studies is divided into three fields of study:

French studies, Italian studies, and Spanish studies.

Within these three fields of study, student can choose their degree programmes: Bachelor’s and Master’s of Education, Bachelor’s and Master’s of Arts, and the core subject Romance philology.

The teaching staff include teachers from various Romance countries both inside and outside of Europe who give lessons on language practice and who introduce their cultures and civilizations in foreign-language courses.

Each of the fields of study mentioned above is further divided into linguistic and literary studies.

The research focus of linguistic studies is the historical and contemporary analysis of the Romance languages in terms of their social, regional and contextual relations both inside and outside of Europe.

The research focus of literary studies is the critical examination of literary texts written by Romance-speaking authors and the analysis of their contexts from the Middle Ages to the present.

Our Research



The department of Romance studies focusses on research in the following areas:

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