Curriculum vitae: Hans-Heiner Kühne

[Translate to Englisch:] Dr. iur., Dr. h.c., o. Professor für Deutsches, Europäisches und Internationales Strafrecht und Strafprozessrecht, Kriminologie

Born 21.8.1943 in Nikolaiken, East Prussia, as son of Hellmuth Kühne, president of district court.
After final school examination studies of music (violin) at Music Academy Hanover and Berlin, exam 1965.
Studies of law at Berlin and Saarbrücken, first state's exam 1967, doctor of law in 1969, 2nd state's exam 1972.
Assistant professor for penal law and criminology at University of the Saarland, 1972.
Visiting professor at Keio-University, Tokyo, 1972-1973.
Habilitation and full professorship at University of the Saarland, 1978.
1981 Judge at district court, Saarbrücken.
Since wintersemester  1981/82 chair for criminal law, criminal procedure law and criminology at the University of Trier.
1987-89 Dean of law faculty.
1991-95  Vice-president of the University.
Since March 1999 Visiting Professor at Westminster University, London.
Since April 2001 Visisting Professor at Kültür University, Istanbul
Since June 2007 Doctor honoris causa of  Miskolc University, Hungary

Co-operations and expertises

  • 1976/1990 - Expert in joint projects of Japanese Ministry of Justice and German Bundeskriminalamt
  • Since 1981 <br> - Adviser of the Government of Rhenania-Palatinate in criminal policy and European Community affairs; member of the president’s commission on European affairs <br> - Frequent expert of state and federal parliaments
  • Since 1981 Permanent expert for the Bundeskriminalamt
  • 1987-1991 Research project on environmental policies for the Bundeskriminalamt
  • Since 1988 Permanent expert for the UN-Crime Prevention Branch
  • Since 2001 official adviser for the Turkish Government in Human Rights Issues

Participation in Examening and Restructuring Legal Systems

  • 1989-1998 Chairing and Conducting of various seminars for judges and administrative officials from Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Hungary on behalf of the <u>International Foundation for Law and Economy</u> of the former Socialist Countries.
  • June 1991 Mission to Hong Kong on the judicary system and the situation of Human Rights on behalf of the International Commission of Jurists.
  • April 1998 Draft of a new Penal Code Paragraph for crimes against the state for the government of Turkey on behalf of the “International Commission of Lawyers”
  • May 1998 Expertise on a new Prision Law in Croatia on behalf of the European Commission.

Some of the latest book publications

  • Staatliche Drogentherapie auf dem Prüfstand, 1985, 214 pages
  • Kriminalität und Kriminalitätsbekämpfung in Japan, 2nd edition 1990, 363 pages (with Miyazawa),
  • Die polizeiliche Bearbeitung von Umweltdelikten, Bundeskriminalamt, Forschungsreihen Bd. 23, 1991, 899 pages
  • Kriminalitätsbekämpfung durch innereuropäische Grenzkontrollen, 1991, 158 pages
  • Countdown to 1997. Report of a Mission to Hong Kong, Geneva 1992 (together with Sir W. Goodhart, R.A. Addruse and J. Dowd)
  • Neue Strafrechtsentwicklungen im deutsch-japanischen Vergleich. 2. deutsch-japanisches Strafrechtskolloquium in Tokyo, 1995, 419 pages (with Miyazawa),
  • Festschrift für Koichi Miyazawa. Dem Wegbereiter des japanisch-deutschen Strafrechtsdiskurses, 1995, 690 pages.
  • Internal Security in modern societies. A comparative perspective (with Miyazawa), Baden Baden 1998
  • Strafprozessrecht. Ein Lehrbuch zum deutschen und europäischen Strafverfahrensrecht, 7th Edition 2007, 796 pages.
  • mit Erb, Esser, Franke, Graalmann-Scheerer, Hilger, Ignor (Hrsg.)<br><b>Löwe-Rosenberg, Die Strafprozeßordnung und das Gerichtsverfassungs-gesetz , 26. neu bearbeitete Auflage, Band 1 - Einleitung</b> <br>Walter de Gruyter Verlag, 2006, 432 pages
  • mit Esser, Gerding (Hrsg.)<br><b>Völkerstrafrecht</b><br>Julius Jonscher Verlag, 2007, 334 pages


  • International Commission of Lawyers
  • International Foundation for Law and Economy of the former Socialist Countries ( Member of the Board)
  • Association for European Penal Law (Member of the Board)
  • Association Internationale de Droit Pénal
  • President of Juridical Society, Trier
  • Chairman of ACADEMIA Network (27 European Law Faculties)