Kolloquium WS 2015/16

03.11.2015: Guilin Liu
Yield estimation via integrating time series Landsat 8 imageries into the physiological crop model (APSIM-OZCOT) in the Alar Cotton Region, NW China

10.11.2015: Sandra Dotzler
The potential of EnMAP and Sentinel-2 data for detecting drought stress phenomena in deciduous forest communities

17.11.2015: David Frantz
Deriving phenology adaptive pixel-based composites from Landsat DN data for wall-to-wall applications


01.12.2015: Sebastian Kuhn
Fernerkundliche Detektion von Rodungen am Beispiel von Rheinland-Pfalz

08.12.2015: Sascha Nink
Assessing the suitability of new multi- and hyperspectral satellite systems for mapping the spatial distribution of timber volume in temperate low mountain ranges


05.01.2016: Gilles Rock
Hyperthermal remote sensing: data preprocessing and interpretation

12.01.2016: Oksana Stern
Comparison of high resolution airborne hyperspectral data with simulated Sentinel-2 data for classification of tree species and development stages within the national park Hunsrück-Hochwald, Germany

19.01.2016: Mario Gilcher
Coupling APSIM and ProSail to assimilate remote sensing data into production models. Development of biomass reference data base using LiDAR and SFM data.

26.01.2016: Adrian Assenmacher
Bewertung von Ressourcenmanagement und daran gekoppelter Nutzungskonflikte im gymnasialen Geographieunterricht: Didaktische Umsetzung mit Methoden der Geoinformatik am Beispiel Nationalpark Hunsrück-Hochwald

02.02.2016: Giovanni Buzzo
Landuse change in the Three Gorges region of China

09.02.2016: Zipporah Musyimi
Evaluating Carbon sequestration Options for African Drylands

16.02.2016: Erik Hass
Texture-based classification in forests