Gastvortrag und Workshop am 17./18. April 2019: "Race and Distant Reading"

Die Professur für Digital Humanities und das TCDH laden herzlich ein zu einem Gastvortrag und Workshop von Herrn Richard Jean So, Ph.D. (Montreal).

Richard Jean So is assistant professor of English and Cultural Analytics at McGill University. In the first part of his career, he worked on American literature in a global context. His first book was Transpacific Community (Columbia UP 2016). More recently, he has focused on computational methods applied to the study of culture and literature, especially contemporary US culture. He has published a series of computational essays in Critical Inquiry, boundary 2, PMLA, and the Journal of Cultural Analytics, and is completing a book titled "Redlining Culture: A Data History of Race and American Fiction".


G A S T V O R T R A G: “Race and Distant Reading”

Scholars of literature and culture increasingly use "distant reading" methods to study patterns of culture at scale, but within this method, there remains one topic still relatively understudied: race and racial difference. The reasons are not hard to fathom: scientific methods used to study "race" have a checkered history. In this talk, I attempt to synthesize distant reading and critical theory approaches to produce a viable form of the computational analysis of racial discourse.

Mittwoch, 17. April 2019, 16-18 Uhr c.t. im Gästeraum der Mensa


WO R K S H O P: “Predictive Modeling with Literary Texts Using Python: A Hands-on Workshop”

This is a hands-on workshop in which the instructor introduces textual classification as a method to study literary texts, poetry in particular. Basic routines will be introduced. Data will be provided beforehand. Participants will be given code, and will have an opportunity to explore the data on their own as well.

Donnerstag, 18. April 2019,  9-14 Uhr in Raum V 302