Department prepares e-learning

Dear students,

as the University president wrote, classes in summer term 2020 start on 20th of April.

Of course, the current current restrictions affect us too. Apart from regularly checking our mailboxes our corridors are empty. We are at home with our dearest and often use our webcams and headsets in work. At the same time, we also test the tools available in stud.IP and beyond and consider which of them can be adequately included in our teaching concepts.

The Political Science course offerings remain largely unchanged, although of course the teaching as such has to be adaptet to the current situation. If there should be any changes, the responsible people for the respective module will get in contact with you.

It is of utmost importance, particularly in this period of crisis, that you regularly check your university e-mail account for new information. You can expect to receive important information on your lectures and classes ahead of 20th of April.

Please stay informed on university-wide measures, e.g. with regard to exams. They can be found here.

The whole term remains an experiment and we will be "driving by sight": whether we it will be possible for us to return to "offline teaching" and whether that is adequate in every kind of lecture or seminar remains unclear for now.

With best regards,

Your Political Science Department