Courses/Lehrveranstaltungen BA/BEd/MA/MEd

Our degree schemes have only recently been (re-)accredited. As a result, not all of the official modular handbooks are available yet on LSF. In order to avoid confusion with earlier requirements, please consult the following overview of the courses of all our degree schemes as an interim solution. 

Overview of courses 

Please note that this information does not apply to BA and BEd students who started their studies at the University of Trier before WS 2013/14; please consult the old modular handbooks available on LSF.

For MA or MEd students, the rules set out in the new "Fachprüfungsordnung" apply with immediate effect - regardless of when their studies at Trier started.

There will be no more exams for MA and MEd students under the old "Fachprüfungsordnung" (Version 2007). This means that if you failed an exam in a previous semester and were planning to retake this exam in Winter Semester 2013/14, you will have to fulfil the requirements set out in the new regulations. If in doubt, please contact Dr. Schäfer for study advice.

If you are a BA or BEd student who started in Trier before WS 13/14 and need to retake a course that is either no longer offered in the newly accredited degree scheme or that has been changed in a significant way, please consult the following information:

Language courses - new names in different degree schemes