In the research focus on promoting social innovation the team, since September 2019, cooperates with Prof. Dr. Johannes Eurich from the Institute of Diaconal Studies of Heidelberg University (DWI) and three additional partners within the framework of the ERASMUS+ project Capacity Building Social Innovation Education (SIED). The project aims at the qualification of executives of social welfare organizations in fostering social innovation.

As part of this focus on promoting social innovation, there are several ongoing research projects on social innovation labs. The project „Labor für diakonisches Unternehmertum LaDU“, a cooperation between Prof. Schröer´s Team and Mission Leben gGmbH, was not only very well received, but was furthermore awarded the ConSozial Manangement-Prize 2015 for innovative projects in the social market. Since the beginning of a second funding phase of the Hessian Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration and the European Social Fund in May 2017, the program has been institutionalised and expanded as „INTRA Lab“.

In January 2018 Prof. Schröer and his team launched the social intrapreneurship lab „UnTIL Universität Trier Intrapreneurship Lab. Soziales Unternehmertum in der Region“ at Trier University. In the framework of the project the team explores and evaluates possibilities and methods of supporting and facilitating entrepreneurial learning. The first cycle startet on October 25th, 2018. The second cycle started on October 25th, 2019. For further information about the lab, upcoming dates, attendance and application, continue here. For questions about the accompanying research, feel free to contact Friederike Schütz.

SPIRIT (Increasing Entrepreneurial Spirit and Raising Hidden Potential in Humanities and Social Sciences at Trier University) is a project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy in the programme EXIST Potentials. The aim is to further develop a sustainable culture of entrepreneurship and to further disseminate entrepreneurial thinking throughout Trier University. Together with colleagues from the Department of Corporate Governance, the Department of Management, the Department of Business Informatics and the Gründungsbüro Trier, we work on the development and implementation of an interdisciplinary curriculum for students of all study subjects, by April 2024. This curriculum aims at raising awareness and understanding of start-up related topics as well as encouraging and imparting entrepreneurial skills. The main focus areas of the Department of Organizational Education in this curriculum are needs assessment, social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial learning.

Another cooperative project, funded by the DFG, is the joint work with Prof. Dr. Stefan Köngeter on fostering cultures of inclusion in social welfare organisations.