Proofreading Program


The Proofreading Program is a project offered to international students.

Short texts (e.g. presentations, job applications) or questions can be sent to us
via email or can be discussed with us during our office hours.

Long texts (e.g. term papers, final theses) will be corrected by a proofreader. Our proofreaders
are native German speakers from different fields of study, who correct papers on a voluntary basis.

Here’s how we find your proofreader:

  Come early on to one of our office hours or send us an email (korrekturiz-trierde).

  Tell us your name, your field of study, your topic, the name of your professor,
     the number of pages you have to write, and the deadline for submitting your paper.  

  Based on this information, we will find a proofreader and will pass on the contact
    details to you.

  From then on, you will be responsible for getting in touch with your proofreader yourself,
    but you can still contact us, of course, if you have questions and/or problems.

To native German speakers:

Even though we have more proofreaders than texts to be corrected, we always need more
volunteers to do proofreading to make sure that all fields of study are covered. So if you are
interested in helping your fellow international students, contact us!

We will of course also issue a certificate to attest your voluntary work!