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In an increasingly complex and globalized world, the Department of Business Administration at Trier University is dedicated to providing high quality education that addresses the challenges of a rapidly changing world. The department offers a diverse range of courses designed for future business leaders. Our courses combine the latest insights from academic research with a strong focus on relevance for business practice. Both research and teaching are highly interdisciplinary, internationally oriented, and share an emphasis on theory-based empirical methods.

Core areas of research and teaching include entrepreneurship, innovation and marketing, organization studies and human resource management as well as finance, corporate taxation, and audit and assurance – providing knowledge and insights into a broad range of highly relevant topics for future managers and business leaders. The Department of Business Administration is a highly reputable partner in project-oriented collaboration with business partners, the public sector and other research institutions, both at the national level and in international networks worldwide. The results of its dedication to excellence in research and teaching are illustrated by the excellent job prospects of its graduates.

Studying Business Administration at Trier University

The programmes in business at Trier University aim at providing our students with key qualifications that meet the highest demands of businesses and the corporate sector. The programmes and courses are unique in that they are part of a common core of interdisciplinary undergraduate courses that comprises courses in management, economics, and sociology. Another key element is the strong empirical orientation and a firm commitment to enabling our students to become independent and critical thinkers, capable of conducting their own high quality research projects and of applying their knowledge and methodological insights to business cases and economic data in order to address real-life problems.

Our students in the postgraduate (Master’s) programmes either opt for a broad, generalist portfolio of courses, or pursue an in-depth specialization by selecting a focused set of courses from among the department’s core areas (Finance; Taxation and Accounting; Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship; Marketing, Retailing and Innovation; Organization Studies, Human Resource Management and Personnel Economics). Alongside their regular degree programme, our students can follow a certified language programme in English or French as part of a subject-specific foreign language training. In addition, the department offers a broad range of options for studying abroad at one of the many partner universities in order for students to pursue a truly international orientation of their studies.

Management Research at Trier University

Management research at Trier University is highly interdisciplinary, internationally recognized and has a strong emphasis on theory-based empirical methods. Within their respective fields, researchers pursue different theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches. Due to its emphasis on excellence in research, the department regularly achieves top rankings in the Top 100 of the leading German business daily, “Handelsblatt”. This ranking assesses research quality based on publications in top national and international academic journals. Moreover, the department engages extensively in applied research in project-based collaborations with business partners.

The Department of Business Administration at Trier University covers five areas of expertise with generally two research groups in each field. The inter- and transdisciplinary orientation of management research at Trier University is further substantiated by the fact that researchers in the department cooperate intensively across these five areas of expertise as well as with researchers from other disciplines and university departments. More in-depth information regarding the research profiles of the nine research groups can be found on their individual websites.

Specialization "Finance"

Specialization "Taxation and Accounting"

Specialization "Marketing, Retailing and Innovation"

Specialization "Organization Studies and Human Resource Management"

Specialization "Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship"

Aktuelle Informationen für Studierende

Informationen zum Studienanfang

Aktuelle Informationen zum Studienbeginn im kommenden Sommersemester finden Sie auf den Seiten der Studienberatung.

ERASMUS+ (Bachelor 3. Semester und Master 1. Semester)

Kurzinformation zum ERASMUS+ Programm des FB IV durch Prof. Dr. Swoboda: Link (Video)

Fachspezifische Fremdspracheausbildung (FFA, Bachelor)

Kurzinformation zum FFA Programm des FB IV durch Prof. Dr. Swoboda: Link (Video)

Studium der BWL an der Universität Trier

Wer sich für ein Studium der BWL an der Universität Trier entscheidet, der studiert in der ältesten Stadt Deutschlands auf einem dynamischen, ausgezeichneten und schönen Campus. Studierende erwarten vielfältige Kursangebote, flexible Spezialisierungsmöglichkeiten und beste Berufsaussichten nach erfolgreichem Abschluss.

Der sechssemestrige Bachelor of Science ist ein wissenschaftlich fundierter, praxisbezogener und internationaler Studiengang in Allgemeiner, Interdisziplinärer oder Quantitativer BWL mit berufsbezogenen Spezialisierungsmöglichkeiten. Der konsekutive, viersemestrige Master of Science ist ebenfalls ein wissenschaftlich fundierter und internationaler Studiengang in Allgemeiner BWL oder im Financial Management mit weitem fokussiertem Berufsbezug und besten, auch regionalen, Berufsaussichten.

Forschung im Fach BWL

Die Forschung der BWL an der Universität Trier ist empirisch ausgerichtet, international präsent und praxisrelevant. Innerhalb der verschiedenen Schwerpunkte deckt die betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung unterschiedliche inhaltliche und methodische Facetten ab. Die Forschungsstärke des Fachs wird dokumentiert durch die Spitzenplatzierungen im aktuellen Forschungsranking der Wirtschaftswoche (Januar 2019). Die hervorragenden Platzierungen im Ranking unterstreichen eindrucksvoll, dass in Trier exzellente betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung auf hohem internationalem Niveau betrieben wird.

Weitere Informationen zur Forschung im Fach BWL finden Sie hier.

CORONA | Hinweise für Studierende und Studieninteressierte

Die aktuelle Entwicklung der Coronavirus-Pandemie hat weitreichende Folgen für den Lehr-, Studien- und Prüfungsbetrieb im Sommersemester 2020 an der Universität Trier.

Aktuelle Informationen über bereits getroffene Entscheidungen sowie voraussichtlich erforderliche weitere Maßnahmen und dabei zu berücksichtigende Leitlinien finden Sie auf der folgenden Seite:

Aktuelles aus der BWL