Netzwerk Interferenz-Onomastik / Network for Intercultural Onomastics

Welcome to NIO

The society Netzwerk Interferenzonomastik - Network for Intercultural Onomastics, to be known as NIO, has been founded on 6 December 2003 at the Classics Centre in Oxford by scholars of ancient and medieval history, classics, linguistics, and Celtic studies from Oxford, Madrid, and Trier.

Its aim is to further research in intercultural onomastics in a systematic way, to provide guidelines for the classification of contact names, and to put people working in the field in contact with one another. It was also suggested that the society should deal systematically with sociological and psychological explanations for intercultural naming practices.

It was decided that for the time being, no chronological restrictions are based on the research taking place in association with the society. As far as geographical constraints are concerned, work will concentrate on Europe and the borders of the Roman Empire at its widest extension. However, other fields are possible, e.g. concerning the Americas or Africa or India in colonial times.

Table of Contents

  • The Society Interferenzonomastik and its aims

  • Preliminary terminological guidelines
  • Original publications on this site
  • Bibliography (not yet available)
  • NIO Workshop and Conference, Trier University, 11-12 February 2005
  • Links to sites of NIO members