BAföG-Amt  / Office for the grants of studies of Trier University

BaföG is the most known grant for studies. These are government funds that are distributed according to the federal law for educational grants.The BAföG-Amt /Office for the grants of studies of Trier University is responsible for the application for these funds.

BAföG-representative of Faculty VI

Dr. Joachim Krüger, Biogeography, Campus I, building N, Room 3.06, Phone 3724
Consultation hours: Wed 1:00-2:00 PM and Thur 9:00-10:00 AM

Dr. Andreas Müller, Cartography, room F 191
Consultation hours: by arrangement

From the 5th semester on a further grant without providing evidence about the suitability according to § 48 BaföG is impossible.The required document of the performances can be submitted via the printed LSF certificate of performances. The LSF print replaces form 5! The required performances are achieved if the score obtained corresponds to the evidence defined in the links below. See your BaföG consultant with the LSF print.

The filled in form 5 can still be used together with the LSF print as document of performances according to §48 BAföG. In this case see the BaföG representative of Faculty VI during his consultation hours.

The following evidence must be provided for the courses of study of Faculty VI:

Other grants (the young scientific generation)

Consult the Forschungsreferat / research office to get information about research funding for postgraduates, postgraduates preparing their habilitation and junior professors.