Performance profile

The activities of the institute centre around the following fields on which the scope of possible contract research is based:

The running and continuous technological improvement of cryobanks for long-term storage of bioresources, cell types and environmental specimens for environmental monitoring.

Environmental diagnostics as a precondition for assessments of risks and scenarios.

Biogeochemical analyses and development of analytical methods as a precondition for understanding natural and anthropological processes.

Bioanalytics with the objective to elucidate the genetic structure of populations.

Methods of bioindication and measurement network of effects as a basis for risk assessment analyses.

Environmental toxicology as a basis for the elucidation of the effects of environmental stress factors.

Molecular research on the mechanisms of environmental compounds and chemicals with close links to medicine and epidemology.

Environmental information systems (UIS) as a basis for linking up multivariate factors and elements (e.g. for Life Cycle Assessments).

Innovations and application of regenerative technologies in close cooperation with teams of scientists and technicians from industry, Economic Science and Law.