Placement test, Final exam, Certificate

Placement Test

The placing into the courses is based upon the placement test, to make sure to have similar language levels in each group.

Final Exam

In the last days of the course there will we final exams (listening, writing and oral). On the basis of these exams you will receive the course certificate, which reports the course level, the number of course hours, the grades and 5 ECTS points. The ECTS grading is conform to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (GeR/CEFR) of European Universities.

The participation in the final exam and the certificate is included in the course fee.

Public Transport

The university has good public traffic connections and most of the dormitories are situated close to the campus. But to be more flexibel during your time at our summer school, we recommend to buy a "VRT Ticket".

It costs around 25 Euro for the whole time of our summer school and you can buy it in our course office after your arrival at our university. With that ticket you can travel in the whole region of the VRT region, with busses and trains.



Overview map of public transport for the city of Trier
Overview map of public transport for the city of Trier
Please bring a plastic case for the ticket (ca. 5 x 9 centimeter)
Please bring a plastic case for the ticket (ca. 5 x 9 centimeter)

Departure day

Departure day: Friday, August 28th  (dormitory rooms are NOT available after this date!)

Check-out dormitory: 09:00-14:00 h

Attention! Flights from Frankfurt not before 15:00h!
Please notice that we have to check out a lot of course particapants at the morning of the departure day. So it can happen that you have to wait a while before we can check your room and give the deposit back. Travelling to Frankfurt Airport lasts at least 3 hours and you have to be at the airport probably 2 hours earlier. So please take a flight not before 15.00 in the afternoon.

Tip: If possible, take a flight the day after the departure day and stay the rest of your time in the city of Frankfurt (e.g. Sightseeing at the Römer, the Paulskirche, the Kaiserdom, the Zoo...)

Health insurance

In order to avoid any problems concerning your health treatment, you should arrange an overseas health insurance for the whole time of our summer school. Potentially you need to have the health insurance certificate for your visa application.