Psychology at Trier University

About the Faculty

Psychology is a fast moving field, building empirically based theories about human cognition and behaviour with a broad field of applications in clinics, organizations and companies.

The faculty of psychology at Trier University is one of the largest institutes in Germany. There are 14 professorships covering the whole spectrum of basic and applied teaching and research.

About the Fundamentals of the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programmes

The Bachelor of Science (BSc) programme in our faculty offers a high quality education in research methods, basic psychological knowledge and application of methods and theories in three applied fields (clinic, organizational, counselling). A quality characteristic of the BSc programme is the seminars and projects seminars accompanying all modules with the number of participants ranging between 30 (for seminars accompanying the basic and applied lectures)  and 12 (project seminars accompanying methodological and diagnostic lectures).

The Master of Science programme (MSc) is organized in five tracks:

Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology and Psychotherapy Research

  • Lifetime Competence Development
  • Organizational Psychology and Applied Social Psychology
  • Cognition, Emotion and Action
  • Psychobiology, Neuropsychology and Behavioural Medicine

Practical and research-oriented seminars and project seminars can be chosen from each track. MSc students can choose to specialize in one track or follow a broad approach.

About Our Research

Research on our institute covers the entire field of scientific psychology. Please find specific information on the webpages of each professorship, which are listed below: