Vorträge / Papers presented

Andreev, Sergey: „Quantitative Analysis of the Evolution of Mikhail Lermontov´s Style“

Embolton, Sheila; Dorin Uritescu und Wheeler, Eric: „Data Management and Linguistic Analysis: MDS applied to RODA (Romanian ON-line Dialect Atlas)“

Ferrer i Cancho, Ramón: „Laws of Language Outside Human Language“

Grzybek, Peter und Kelih, Emmerich: „Systematic and System-Based Studies of Grapheme Frequencies“

Hadzibeganovic, Tarik und Cannas, Sergio A.: „The Complexity of learning a Polysynthetic Language“

Jayaram, B. D.; Rajyashree, K. S. und Vidya, M. N.: „Thematic Concentration of Texts in Indian Languages“

Kelih, Emmerich und Grzybek, Peter: „Sentence Length – Word Length. A Systematic Revision of Arens´ Law“

Köhler, Reinhard und Naumann, Sven: „Sequences of Sentence Lengths“

Králík, Jan: „Contemplation on Corpus Infinity“

Macutek, Ján: „Models of Grapheme Frequencies“

Medina Urrea, Alfonso: „Towards Diachronic Comparison of Morphological Profiles“

Mehler, Alexander; Waltinger Ulli und Gleim, Rüdiger: „A Model of the Distribution of Lexical Chains“

Mikros, George: „Authorship Attribution Using Discriminant Function Analysis: Exploring Literary Style Variation in Five Modern Greek Novels“

Pawłowski, Adam und Piasecki, Maciej: „Polish Flag-Word and Collective Symbols in Text Corpora. Quantitative Measures of Word Proximity“

Pustylnikovv, Olga; Mehler, Alexander; Weiss, Petra und Hellmann, Sara Maria: „Towards a Quantitative Model of Alignment in Communication“

Sanada, Haruko und Altmann, Gabriel: „On Two Simplifications of the Japanese Writing System“

Steiner, Petra: „Diversification in Icelandic and German Noun Inflection“

Topsoe, Flemming: „Power Laws and Other Heavy-Tailed Distributions and Associated Codes Related to Zipf´s law“

Vulnanović, Relja: „Efficiency of Flexible Part-of-Speech-Systems“

Wegner, Armin und Mehler, Alexander: „Social Ontologies: Representation and Classification“

Yokoyama, Shoichi: „Logistic Regression Model of Preference and Familiarity in Letter Perception“

Yokoyama, Shoichi und Haruko Sanada: „Multiple Logistic Regression Analysis for Formulating a Change in Language“

Zastrow, Thomas: „Quantitative Methods in Computational Dialectometry“