Winter 2016/2017


Lectures with Tutorials

Lecture: Sebastian Baltes, 2 SCH, Tuesday 10-12 am, F 55

Tutorial: Oliver Moseler, 1 SCH, Thursday 18-20 pm, F 55

Lecture: Prof. Dr. Stephan Diehl, 2 SCH, Thursday 12-14 pm, H 11 / H523

Tutorial: Oliver Moseler, 1 SCH, Tuesday 16-18 pm, H 321

Seminars and Internships

  • Research internship Software Engineering (Master)

    Baltes/Moseler, 4 SCH

    If interested in an internship please address Prof. Diehl or one of the employees.


Due to Prof. Dr. Stephan Diehl's research free semester, the lecture with corresponding tutorial "Advanced Software Engineering (Master)" does not take place in winter 2016/2017.

Past semesters

Information about our courses from the past semesters can be taken from the archive.