M.Sc. Economics - European Political Economy

Program Content

The master's program European Political Economy is directed towards students who want to deepen their knowledge of the economic aspects of European Integration and the design of economic policy in the European Union (EU) and its  Member States. Central aspects include:

  • identification of the institutional features of the EU and its Member States,
  • analysis of the agents involved in European economic policy-making,
  • assessment of the design and results of governmental interventions at the European and Member State level,
  • examination of the interrelation between European and national as well as European and international economic and trade policy.

This master's program can be fully completed in English.

Core Module Political Economics

The core module Political Economics discusses the following questions:

  • How do political framework and economy interact in general and at the EU level?
  • Which effects result from certain governmental interventions? How are governmental interventions planned?
  • How do European institutions legitimize themselves, and how is policy designed at the EU level and in the Member States?
  • Which effects arise through the Europeanization of certain political fields? 

A guided research project, a master's thesis, and the module Political Science provide the opportunity for further specialization.

Professional Outlook

A degree in Economics with a specialization in European Political Economy offers job perspectives in a large number of national and international public institutions, such as the German Central Bank or the European Commission.

Furthermore, there is an increasing demand for qualified economists in private institutions, parties, foundations, and associations. Companies in commerce, finance, and manufacturing with an international focus also have a strong demand for skilled economists.

The master's degree also provides an excellent foundation for subsequent doctoral studies and an academic career at a university or research institution.

Program Structure

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