M.Sc. Economics - European Welfare States

Program Content

The masters program European Welfare States is directed towards students who are interested in the economic aspects of the welfare state. The main objective of a welfare state is the protection of the people against the most severe economic risks like poverty and sickness. At the center of this masters program is therefore the economic analysis of government interventions regarding income distribution, the alleviation of poverty, the pension scheme and health care.

Core Module Economics of the Welfare State

The core module Economics of the Welfare State has three aims. First, it gives an overview of the different kinds of regulation and of the areas in which the welfare state intervenes with the market. Secondly, it presents both efficiency-based (like market failure) and equity-based justifications for these interventions. Thirdly, it lays the methodological foundations for the analysis of government interventions. These issues are developed further in the module Elective.

Special Focus: Health Economics

A special focus of this masters program is on the health care system. In addition to the module Health Economics, students can choose this specialization for their research project and their masters’ thesis. Examples of possible topics include:

  • Reimbursement schemes for health care providers
  • Regulation of the health insurance market and risk adjustment schemes
  • Aging and health care expenditures
  • Privatization and competition in the health care system
  • Reference pricing of pharmaceutical

Professional Outlook

A degree in Economics with a specialization in European Welfare States offers job perspectives in a large number of national and international public institutions like the Social Insurance Authority, the Department of Health, the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care or the WHO, or in the private sector, for example with health care providers or health insurers. The master degree also provides an excellent foundation for subsequent doctoral studies and an academic career at a university or research institution

Program Structure

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