About Trier


Trier, historically called Augusta Treverorum, is the oldest city of Germany with an uninterrupted tradition of urban living since 17 BC. The founding date has been derived from the age of wooden pilings of the first bridge over the Moselle that were found in the mud of the river.
The city is located directly on the banks of the Moselle near the borders of Luxembourg and France.
Its eventful history can still be experienced by visiting the numerous and well-preserved Roman and medieval buildings, such as the famous Porta Nigra, the best preserved Roman city gate north of the Alps. Most of these sights are listed as UNESCO world heritage. The landscape around Trier is characterized by wooded and vineyard-covered slopes stretching up to the Hunsrück plateau in the south and the Eifel in the north.

For further information on the history and the sights of Trier or for planning a guided city tour or a boat excursion please visit www.trier-info.de.