Herzlich Willkommen! Welcome! Bienvenue!

Welcome! Herzlich Willkommen! Bienvenue!

Studying at a modern Campus-University? Research in the oldest city of Germany? And all of that in the middle of Europe? This and a lot more is possible at Trier University!

This is Trier University

Trier University is located in Trier, the oldest city in Germany. Trier is at the western border of Germany, close to France, Luxembourg and Belgium. Trier University has developed a profile in humanities as well as social and economic sciences with a focus on the history and presence of Europe emphasizing international networking and interdisciplinarity.


Besides studies in humanities, social and economic sciences, Trier University also offers degree programmes in environmental science. Particular to Trier University is the wide range of possible course combinations.



The internationally recognized research is focused on Europe, Environment, Information, Communication and Gender Studies. There are numerous interdisciplinary research institutes. At the same time, promoting the development of young researchers is of great importance to the International Graduate Centre of Trier University.

International Contacts

One of Trier University’s central strategic focuses is the international cooperation with partner universities worldwide. The University maintains co-operations with universities on all continents with a regional focus on Europe, the United States and South East Asia. There is a close relationship with neighboring universities in France, Luxembourg and Belgium with the cross-border network University of the Greater Region.


The campus at Trier University is a meeting point for cultures. About 11 percent of the students come from almost 100 different countries. The integration of the international students and scholars into university and daily life is promoted through diverse intercultural activities.


Trier University has a great infrastructure for study and research. The classic services such as a well-equipped university library, a service-oriented IT department and a broad range of consulting options are complemented by the Language Centre, the Careers Service and much more.


Kultur- und Sportangebote an der Universität und in der Stadt? Abends mit Freunden ausgehen oder tagsüber gemeinsam wandern? Gesellschaftliches Engagement? Partizipation bei Hochschulgruppen? ... Trier bietet eine Vielzahl von Möglichkeiten, seine Freizeit entspannt oder auch aktiv zu gestalten.

Trier and surrounding area

Trier combines 2000 years of city history with modern life style to create a unique symbiosis of big city flair and homeliness: pubs and cafés, a diverse cultural range of art, theater, music and festivals against the background of architectural monuments such as the Porta Nigra and the Cathedral. While the region with its wine-producing countryside encourages excursions, Trier’s closeness to France, Luxembourg and Belgium makes it a central hub for Europe.