Health Insurance

In Germany it is mandatory for all students to have health insurance. Proof of adequate health insurance coverage must be presented when registering at Trier University and when applying for a residence permit with the “Amt für Ausländerangelegenheiten”.

a) Health insurance in the EC and countries with a Social Security Treaty.

If you come from a country in the EC or a country that has a Social Security Treaty with Germany, you need a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), a form E 111/128 or an equivalent replacement certificate from your health insurance back home. This entitles you to health insurance in Germany and a German health insurance company will provide you with an insurance certificate when you present one of the above listed documents.

b) Other countries of origin

We advise against getting private health insurance in your home country as it might cause problems when applying for the residence permit or when you are in need of medical aid. We recommend you to get health insurance in Germany.

In Germany there are two different health insurances, the statutory and the private insurance. The statutory health insurances are usually less expensive. Which health insurance you can get in Germany depends on your age and your subject related semesters.

Students up to the age of 30 or up to the 14th subject related semester
If you are not yet 30 years of age or do not study in your 14th subject related semester, you can be insured by a statutory health insurance provider (e.g. AOK, BEK, DAK, KKH, TK) at the student rate. The monthly contribution for the health insurance is currently approximately Euros 80,00.

Students 30 years and older
If you are 30 years or older, you must have a statutory health insurance provider check if it is still possible to insure you with them. If it is not possible you must get private health insurance.