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Dr. Adrian Chadi
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Curriculum Vitae

Studium der Wirtschaftsinformatik an der Universität Essen und an der Universität Münster (Abschluss: „Bachelor of Science in Information Systems“)

Studium der Betriebswirtschaftslehre an der Universität Münster (Abschluss: „Diplom-Kaufmann“)

Promotionsstudium der Volkswirtschaftslehre an der Universität Münster (Abschluss: „Dr. rer. pol.“) und Beschäftigung als Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter an der Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Fakultät

seit 2012                    
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (Post-Doc) am Institut für Arbeitsrecht und Arbeitsbeziehungen in der Europäischen Union (IAAEU) an der Universität Trier
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (Post-Doc) an der Universität Trier, Lehrstuhl für Personalökonomik


  • Arbeitsmarktforschung
  • Personalökonomik
  • Zufriedenheitsforschung
  • Verhaltensökonomik
  • Bildungsökonomik


Chadi, Adrian und Clemens Hetschko (erscheint demnächst):
The Magic of the New: How Job Changes Affect Job Satisfaction,
Journal of Economics & Management Strategy.
andere Version: IAAEU Discussion Paper 05/2014.

Chadi, Adrian und Matthias Krapf (2017):
The Protestant Fiscal Ethic: Religious Confession and Euro Skepticism in Germany,
Economic Inquiry, 55(4): 1813-1832.
andere Version: SOEPpapers on Multidisciplinary Panel Data Research 754.

Chadi, Adrian, Sabrina Jeworrek und Vanessa Mertins (2017):
When the Meaning of Work Has Disappeared — Experimental Evidence on Employees’ Performance and Emotions,
Management Science, 23(6): 1696–1707.

Chadi, Adrian und Clemens Hetschko (2016):
Flexibilisation without Hesitation? Temporary Contracts and Job Satisfaction,
Oxford Economic Papers, 68(1): 217-237.
andere Version: IAAEU Discussion Paper 04/2013.

Chadi, Adrian (2015):
Concerns about the Euro and Happiness in Germany during Times of Crisis,
European Journal of Political Economy, 40: 126–146.
andere Version: IAAEU Discussion Paper 03/2015.

Chadi, Adrian (2014):
Regional Unemployment and Norm-Induced Effects on Life Satisfaction,
Empirical Economics
, 46(3): 1111-1141.

andere Version: SOEPpapers No 387, The German Socio-Economic Panel

Chadi, Adrian (2013):
The Role of Interviewer Encounters in Panel Responses on Life Satisfaction,
Economics Letters, 121(3): 550-554.
andere Version: IAAEU Discussion Paper 11/2013

Chadi, Adrian (2013):
Third Person Effects in Interview Responses on Life Satisfaction,
Journal of Applied Social Science Studies (Schmollers Jahrbuch), 133(2): 323-333.

Chadi, Adrian (2012):
I would really love to participate in your survey! Bias problems in the measurement of well-being,
Economics Bulletin, 32(4): 3111-3119.

Chadi, Adrian (2012):
Employed But Still Unhappy? On the Relevance of the Social Work Norm,
Journal of Applied Social Science Studies (Schmollers Jahrbuch), 132(1): 1-26.
andere Version: SOEPpapers No 353, The German Socio-Economic Panel.

Chadi, Adrian (2010):
How to Distinguish Voluntary from Involuntary Unemployment: On the Relationship between the Willingness to Work and Unemployment-Induced Unhappiness,
Kyklos, 63(3): 317-329.

Chadi, Adrian und Clemens Hetschko (2017):
Income or Leisure? On the Hidden Benefits of (Un-) Employment,
IAAEU Discussion Paper 06/2017.
zugleich: CESifo Working Paper, No. 6567.

Chadi, Adrian, Marco de Pinto und Gabriel Schultze:
Young, Gifted and Lazy? The Role of Ability and Labor Market Prospects in Student Eff ort Decisions,
IAAEU Discussion Paper 05/2017.

Chadi, Adrian und Clemens Hetschko (2016):
How Job Changes Affect People's Lives – Evidence from Subjective Well-being Data,
IAAEU Discussion Paper 02/2015.
zugleich: SOEPpapers on Multidisciplinary Panel Data Research 747.
zugleich: CESifo Working Paper, No. 5929 (May 2016).

Chadi, Adrian (2016):
Identification of Attrition Bias Using Different Types of Panel Refreshments,
IAAEU Discussion Paper 02/2016.

Chadi, Adrian und Laszlo Goerke (2015):
Missing at Work – Sickness-related Absence and Subsequent Job Mobility,
IAAEU Discussion Paper 04/2015.
zugleich: GEABA Discussion Paper 15-04.

Chadi, Adrian (2014):
Dissatisfied with Life or with Being Interviewed? Happiness and Motivation to Participate in a Survey,
IAAEU Discussion Paper 03/2014.
zugleich: SOEPpapers on Multidisciplinary Panal Data Research 639/2014.

Aktuelle Projekte

Chadi, Adrian und Laszlo Goerke:
Seeking Shelter? Perceived Job Insecurity and Union Membership,

Chadi, Adrian:
The Survey as a Burden – How Interview Length Affects the Measurement of Subjective Well-being,

Chadi, Adrian, Mario Mechtel und Vanessa Mertins:
Should We Ban Smartphones from the Workplace to Increase Productivity? Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment,

Chadi, Adrian, Mario Mechtel und Vanessa Mertins:
Forced to Be Generous - Experimental Evidence on the Behavioral Effects of Minimum Wages outside the Laboratory,

Chadi, Adrian und Manuel Hoffmann:
Does TV Consumption Affect Health and Well-being? Evidence from a Natural Experiment on the German Public,