Binational Doctoral Degree - Cotuelle de thèse

The Cotutelle de thèse is a joint doctoral programme at two universities in different countries that leads to a joint doctoral degree.

You only pay the enrollment fee at one university, write one dissertation, defend it once and gain a joint doctoral degree from two universities in different countries when additional general conditions such as a research period in the host country are met.

Trier University offers the opportunity for a binational doctoral degree in all departments.

The Binational doctoral studies process

The first step is to find two supervisors at universities in two different countries that teach and do research and to discuss their willingness to support a binational doctoral degree. 

The second step is for you to enroll at both universities.

The third step is to enter into an individual cooperation contract between the two universities for your doctoral studies that regulates the doctoral studies process.

Once you have submitted the dissertation and after the successful defence before a binational examination board as well as the publication of your research results you will be granted a joint doctoral degree by both universities.

German-French University Financial support by the German-French University is available for German-French doctoral studies.