Phonetics, or speech science, combines disciplines from the humanities such as linguistics, sociology, and psychology with elements from medicine and physics, i.e. anatomy or acoustics. At the University of Trier, the emphasis is on experimental phonetics with a focus on forensic and clinical applications. Owing to the instructors' backgrounds as forensic or clinical practitioners, the degree programs are practically oriented. As a relatively small department, the phonetics department in Trier is characterized by a favorable staff-student ratio, easy access to the teaching staff, small classes and a committed student body. 

About Our Course of Studies

Three phonetic degree programs are offered: A minor at both Bachelor and Master levels and a core subject (Kernfach) at the Master level. Combinations with majors from linguistics and languages are most common; the sociophonetic courses make phonetics interesting for sociology and political science majors as well.


About Our Research

The major research areas of the staff members are to be found in clinically and forensically relevant topics. Prof. Braun focusses on sociophonetic research, while Hon-Prof. Kaldenbach and Dr. Masthoff place their emphasis on clinically relevant topics. Furthermore, fundamental research is currently being carried out on the influence of noise and body posture on speech production.

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