The master degree 'sociology of media and culture' mediates in a systematic and comprehensive way, why media development on one side and social and cultural developments on the other interact. If you look at the beginnings of the research in the sociology of media and culture, one can see that already at the end of the 19th century typical and lasting question have risen:

  • Which role do dissemination media take in, in the process of social differenciation?
  • How can one explain the creation and effect of public opinion and how does this change the structure and function of the public?
  • What structures of meaning and patterns underly social actions, how are they being mediated and what expression can be differentiated?
  • What self-perception do social groups posses and how do they differentiate from other?
  • What symbolic representations influence and convey processes of social change?

These topics can be presently followed and stand in the center of the course of study.