Transcending boundaries - Research at Trier University

Humanities research in a rich environment

The internationally recognized research is focused on Europe, Environment, Information, Communication and Gender Studies. There are numerous interdisciplinary research institutes.

All departments are active in research and benefit from robust international networks. Collaboration is particularly strong with university partners in neighbouring France, Belgium and Luxembourg, with research focusing on European history and present-day Europe.


Staff and students from various disciplines come together to collaborate on research projects and lend the university its unique profile. Specialists in languages, literature and media explore the issues and challenges facing today’s information society, while social scientists in departments such as Psychology and Pedagogy focus on various aspects of social coexistence.

With a Geography/Geosciences Department among the best in Germany, Trier University is also strong in Environmental Sciences research. Over the last several years the university has expanded its range in the natural sciences − including the subfields Psychobiology and Geoinformatics – in order to create new opportunities in inter- and multidisciplinary research.

Contributing to policy and society

These activities ensure our status as one of Germany’s top 20 humanities and social sciences universities in terms of its ability to attract third-party research funding – a testament to Trier’s strong combination of basic and applied research. With its ideas and input, the university has become an important contributor to politics, society, business and administration in the Trier region. Especially in the local government and healthcare sectors, Trier researchers contribute powerful solutions to real-world challenges.


Each university department opens its doors wide to other departments and disciplines, forging collaborations between fields such as literature and computer science, archaeology and geology, climate research and mathematics, or biology and psychology. These examples demonstrate the steady growth of interdisciplinary collaboration, which more and more characterises research at Trier University.

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