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The University Library of Trier
A short guide to its history, structure, collections and services

The University Library of Trier was founded in 1970 at the same time as the reestablished University of Trier. Until 1977, it was housed in the rooms of what is now the Polytechnic (Fachhochschule) at Schneidershof. It was gradually transferred to its actual location at the "Tarforster Höhe". The move was finished in 1983. From 2002 until 2007, the whole building was entirely renovated.

Space allowance:
18.201 m² in five interrelated buildings and a supplementary reading room opened in 2006; seven entrances; shelving space for 1,320,000 volumes (720,000 in the reading rooms and 600,000 in the stacks). 1,359 work-stations (221 with PC). WLAN in the whole building.

Centralised one-track library system without seminary or institute libraries.

Book-processing in teams, i.e. groups made up of one subject specialist and two graduate librarians who take care of one or more subject departments and are available for the academic staff as well as for the students. The team's duties cover selection and ordering of books, cataloguing and subject indexing, among others.

Members of staff:
93,5 positions shared by 93 jobholders.

Budget (Year 2016):
1.661.940 Euro for book acquisistion and bindings, 141.240 Euro for other projects.

Holdings (February 2016):
2.363.725 media items: 1.336.469 monographs, 344.836 serials, 161.496 microforms. The Library owns a collection of 803 papyri as well as a collection of Japanese and Chinese woodcuts.

Annual accession (2015):
12.894  volumes of monographs,  3.495 volumes of periodicals,  6.834 E-Books and 29 microforms. The Library currently subscribes to 2.845 periodicals and annualy orders 20 international daily and weekly newspapers.

Document supply services:
The Library is attached to several document supply services as hbz interlibrary loan online, Subito and others.

Databases and E-journals:
The Library gives access to ca. 5.000 databases (online or cd-rom) and to over 30.000 E-journals via supraregional services DBIS and EZB. Authorized external users can gain access via VPN.

The Library's first homepage was under construction in 1995. It has been entirely redesigned in 1999 and is actually being adapted to the relaunch of the University's website..
We take part in the 'Library of Electronical Serials EZB as weel as the Digital Library of North Rhine-Westphalia DigiBib. Together with the Kompetenzzentrum for electronic publications in the Humanities we are engaged in several digitization projects as the online editions of the largest encyclopedia of the 18th century, the works of Frederick the Great (in French and in German), rare and precious books from libraries in Rhineland-Palatinate and graphic portraits from several institutions of the city of Treves. Since 2015, the library receives support from the German Reserch Council  (DFG) for its digitization projectdietrich onlinewhich offers bibliographical data from the printed edition of the Bibliographie der deutschsprachigen Zeitschftenliteratur (1896-1945) in a searchable online database.
The Library fulfills documentary and archival functions within the document-store system of the European Community.

Annual report:
The Library's activities are documentated in its annual report issued in printed version as well as online (german text).

The Library's activities are documentated in its annual report issued in printed version as well as online (german text).

Opening hours:
95 hrs/week
(Mon.-Fri. 8.00 - 24.00 Sat. 8.00 - 19.00 Sun. 11.00 - 15.00)

Universitätsbibliothek, D-54286 Trier

Important Phone- and Fax-numbers, E-Mail-addresses:

Phone: 0651/201-2496
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E-Mail: muellerhiluni-trierde

Acquisition Department:
Phone: 0651/201-2483
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E-Mail: bierwischuni-trierde

Phone: 0651/201-2420
E-Mail: auskunftuni-trierde

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E-Mail: fernleiheuni-trierde

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