Veröffentlichungen im Jahr 2018


  • H. Fernau, Juan Alberto Rodriguez-Velazquez. On the (adjacency) metric dimension of corona and strong product graphs and their local variants: combinatorial and computational results. Discrete Applied Mathematics 236
  • Cristina Bazgan, Ljiljana Brankovic, Katrin Casel, H. Fernau, Klaus Jansen, Kim-Manuel Klein, Michael Lampis, Mathieu Liedloff, Jérôme Monnot, Vangelis Th. Paschos. The many facets of upper domination. Theoretical Computer Science 71
  • H. Fernau, L. Kuppusamy and I. Raman. Investigations on the Power of Matrix Insertion-Deletion Systems with Small Sizes, Natural Computing
  • H. Fernau, M. Paramasivan, M. L. Schmid and D. G. Thomas. Simple picture processing based on finite automata and regular grammars. Journal of Computer ans System Sciences
  • F. N. Abu-Khzam, C. Bazgan, K. Casel, H. Fernau. Clustering with Lower-Bounnded Sizes; A General Graph-Theoretic Framework. Algorithmica
  • H. Fernau, F. Manea, R. Mercas and M. L. Schmid. Revisiting Shinohara's Algorithm for Computing Descriptive Patterns. Theoretical Computer Science


  • Henning Fernau, Lakshmanan Kuppusamy, Indhumathi Raman. Computational Completeness of Simple Semi-Conditional Insertion-Deletion Systems. UCNC 2018
  • Henning Fernau, Lakshmanan Kuppusamy,  Rufus O. Oladele, Indhumathi Raman. Minimizing Rules and Nonterminals in Semi-conditional Grammars: Non-trivial for the Simple Case. MCU 2018
  • Henning Fernau, Till Fluschnik, Danny Hermelin, Andreas Krebs, Hendrik Molter, Rolf Niedermeier. Diminishable Parameterized Problems and Strict Polynomial Kernelization. CiE 2018
  • Henning Fernau, Lakshmanan Kuppusamy and Rufus O. Oladele. New Nonterminal Complexity Results for Semi-Conditional Grammars. CiE 2018


  • Henning Fernau. Extremal Kernelization: A Commemorative Paper. Invited paper at IWOCA 2017