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The poet Virgil together with Clio, the muse of history (l.) and Melpomene, the muse of tragedy (r.). Late imperial mosaic (3 c. AD) from the Roman city of Hadrumentum (Tunisia). © Musée National du Bardo, Tunis.

Historia vero testis temporum, lux veritatis, vita memoriae, magistra vitae, nuntia vetustatis

Cic. de orat. II 36

(History, which bears witness to the passing of the ages, sheds light upon reality, gives life to recollection and guidance to human existence, and brings tidings of ancient days.)


Prof. Schäfer’s research activities are mainly on the subjects of the Hellenistic World, especially the legitimization of sovereignty of the successors of Alexander the Great and the time of the late Ptolemaic dynasty (Ptolemaios XII, Cleopatra VII), social and economic history, particularly of the Late Republican and Imperial Era and Late Antiquity, including the Migration Period. Prof. Schäfer is also a specialist on database-management and multimedial aspects of knowledge transfer. He is counted among leading experts in the field of experimental archaeology and the reconstruction and scientific analysis of ancient naval craft and is furthermore a renowned specialist of ancient trade and economy.


A special focus of Prof. Schäfer  is ancient seamanship. During the last decade Prof. Schäfer was especially drawn to the field of experimental archaeology by his extensive sailing experience and his familiarity with modern nautical equipment. A digital measuring system was further developed on the basis of the NX2-system, first developed Silva Marine Systems (today Silva Nexus).
These undertakings have resulted in a broad network of cooperation with well-known researchers in the natural and technical sciences and have pioneered new methods in measuring nautical data relevant to the investigation of ancient riverine trade routes, especially on the Rhine and Danube. Based on the archaeological discoveries in Oberstimm and Mainz, Prof. Schäfer has led research in and life size reconstruction of three individual military patrol vessels.

Prof. Schäfer's websites
Personal Homepage at the University of Trier
Official Homepage of the reconstructed Roman vessel "Lusoria Rhenana"
Official Homepage of the reconstructed Roman vessel "Victoria"
External website (digital anitquity)

The department of Ancient History is part of the  Center for Classical Studies of Trier University (ZAT). Together with the departments of Classical Archaeology, Egyptology and Papyrology the department of Ancient History constitutes the Research Center Graeco-Roman Egypt.