Editorial Boards

Prof. Dr. Christoph Schäfer

Prof. Schäfer is a member of the Editorial Boards of a number of book series:

  • “Pharos. Studien zur griechisch-römischen Antike” (Studies in Greco-Roman Antiquity, 27 vols.).
  • “Computer und Antike” (“Computer and Antiquity”, digital humanities, 8 vols.).
  • “Subsidia Classica” (11 vols.).

In addition, he is one of the editors of the

  • “Marburger Beiträge zur antiken Handelsgeschichte” (“Marburg contributions to commercial history in Antiquity”, MBAH)

and expert editor for digital media for

  • H-Soz-u-Kult / Clio online.

Prof. Schäfer is also a member of the Academic Advisory Board for a number of museums and other cultural institutions (Römermuseum Haltern am See, Museum und Park Kalkriese and others).