Dr. Christian Fisch

Akademischer Rat


Die thematischen Schwerpunkte meiner Lehrveranstaltungen sind Entrepreneurship, Geschäftsmodelle, Innovationsmanagement, quantitative Methoden, und Strategie. Die von mir an der Universität Trier regelmäßig durchgeführten und/oder betreuten Veranstaltungen sind:

  • Bachelor: Gründung und Innovation, Strategy and Organization, Forschungskolloquium
  • Master: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management,  Statistik Refresher (Grunldagenmodul), Forschungsprojekt, Forschungskolloquium


Seit 2017Akademischer Rat, Professur für Unternehmensführung, Universität Trier
2016–2018Geschäftsführung, Forschungsstelle Mittelstand, Universität Trier
2016Promotion, Erasmus Universität Rotterdam (NL), Promotionsschrift: "Patents and trademarks: Motivations, antecedents, and value in industrialized and emerging markets" (Link)
Seit 2013Affiliate Researcher, Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus Universität Rotterdam
2012–2017Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter an der Professur für Unternehmensführung, Universität Trier
2017–2012Bachelor- und Masterstudium: Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Universität Trier


My research mainly focusses on entrepreneurial finance. I study novel questions regarding established forms of entrepreneurial finance (e.g., venture capital, business angels, leveraged buyout funds) and new, innovative types of entrepreneurial finance (e.g., initial coin offerings, cryptocurrencies, family offices). Other research topics include entrepreneurial personality (e.g., the influence of personality on success, the influence of failure on personality) and innovation (e.g., patents, trademarks). I am particularly interested in interdisciplinary projects that involve innovative data and data collection methods. My research is mostly quantitative empirical.

Most of my publications and working papers are available online:

Selected publications

Publications in peer-reviewed journals (full list)

  • Fisch, C., Masiak, C., Vismara, S., Block., J. (2019). Motives and profiles of ICO investors. Journal of Business Research, forthcoming.
    (Article, Working paper version)
  • Rehan, F., Fisch, C., Block, J. (2019). Entrepreneurship in Islamic communities: How do Islamic values and Islamic practices influence entrepreneurship intentions? Journal of Enterprising Communities, forthcoming.
    (Article, Working paper version)
  • Block, J., Fisch, C., Vismara, S., Andres, R. (2019). Private equity investment criteria: An experimental conjoint analysis of venture capital, business angels, and family offices. Journal of Corporate Finance, 58(10), 329–352.
    (Article – open access)
  • Fisch, C. (2019). Initial coin offerings (ICOs) to finance new ventures. Journal of Business Venturing, 34(1), 1–22.
    (Article, Working paper version, German press release, Interview in German)
  • Block, J., Fisch, C., Obschonka, M., Sandner, P. (2019). A personality perspective on business angel syndication. Journal of Banking & Finance, 100, 306–327.
    (Article, Working paper version, German press release)
  • Fisch, C., Block, J., Sandner, P. (2019). The impact of acquisitions on Chinese acquirers' innovation performance: An empirical investigation of 1,545 Chinese acquisitions. Journal of Business Economics (ZfB), 89(2), 125–153.
  • (Article – open access)
  • Block, J., Fisch, C., Lau, J., Obschonka, M., Presse, A. (2019). How do labor market institutions influence the preference to work in family firms? A multilevel analysis across 40 countries. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 43(6), 1067–1093.
    (Article – open access)
  • Block, J., Fisch, C., van Praag, M. (2018). Quantity and quality of jobs by entrepreneurial firms. Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 34(4), 565–583.
    (Article – open access)
  • Obschonka, M., Fisch, C. (2018). Entrepreneurial personalities in political leadership. Small Business Economics, 50(4), 851–869.
    (Article, Working paper versionEnglish press release, German press release; selected coverage: Handelsblatt, Daily Mail, phys.org)
  • Fisch, C., Sandner, P., Regner, L. (2017). The value of Chinese patents: An empirical investigation of citation lags. China Economic Review, 45, 22–34.
  • Obschonka, M., Fisch, C., Boyd, R. (2017). Using digital footprints in entrepreneurship research: A Twitter-based personality analysis of superstar entrepreneurs and managers. Journal of Business Venturing Insights, 8, 12–23.
  • De Vries, G., Pennings, E., Block, J., Fisch, C. (2017). Trademark or patent? The effects of market concentration, customer type, and venture capital financing on start-ups’ initial IP applications. Industry and Innovation, 24(4), 325–345.
    (Article – open access, Winner 2018 Industry & Innovation DRUID Best Paper Award, DRUID Conference Copenhagen)
  • Block, J., Fisch, C., van Praag, M. (2017). The Schumpeterian entrepreneur: A review of the empirical evidence on the antecedents, behavior, and consequences of innovative entrepreneurship. Industry and Innovation, 24(1), 61–95.
    (Article – open access). 
  • Block, J., Fisch, C., Lau, J., Obschonka, M., Presse, A. (2016). Who prefers working in family firms? An exploratory study of individuals’ organizational preferences across 40 countries. Journal of Family Business Strategy, 7(2), 65–74.
  • Fisch, C., Block, J., Sandner, P. (2016). Chinese university patents: quantity, quality, and the role of subsidy programs. Journal of Technology Transfer, 41(1), 60–84.
  • Block, J., Fisch, C., Hahn, A., Sandner, P. (2015). Why do SMEs file trademarks? Insights from firms in innovative industries. Research Policy, 44(10), 1915–1930.
  • Adam-Müller, A., Andres, R., Block, J., Fisch, C. (2015). Socialist Heritage and Image of Entrepreneurs in Europe: Micro-Level Evidence. Business Administration Review, 75(4), 211–232.
  • Fisch, C., Hassel, T., Sandner, P., Block, J. (2015). University patenting: a comparison of 300 leading universities worldwide. Journal of Technology Transfer, 40(2), 318–345.
  • Block, J., Fisch, C., Sandner, P. (2014). Trademark families: characteristics and market values. Journal of Brand Management, 21(1), 150-170.


  • Fisch, C. (2016). Patents and trademarks: Motivations, antecedents, and value in industrialized and emerging markets. ERIM Ph.D. Series Research in Management, Dissertation.
    (Link – open access).

Publications in edited volumes

  • Masiak, C., Fisch, C., Block, J. (2020). In which regions do governmental, independent, and corporate venture capital firms invest? An empirical investigation across 402 German regions. In: Moritz, A., Block, J., Golla, S., Werner, A. (Eds.). Contemporary Developments in Entrepreneurial Finance, 201–227. Heidelberg: Springer. (Article, Working paper version)
  • Masiak, C., Fisch, C., Block, J. (2018). What drives the intellectual property output of high-tech firms? Regional- and firm-level factors. In: Presse A., Terzidis O. (Eds). Technology Entrepreneurship, 157–175. Heidelberg: Springer.
    (Article, Working paper version)


  • Block, J., Fisch, C. (2019). Extending the focus of Management Review Quarterly: one year later. Management Review Quarterly, 69(1), 1–2.
    (Article – open access)
  • Fisch, C., Block, J. (2018). Six tips for your (systematic) literature review in business and management research. Management Review Quarterly, 68(2), 103–106.
    (Article – open access)
  • Block, J., Fisch, C. (2018). Introducing the new scope of Management Review Quarterly. Management Review Quarterly, 68(1), 1–2.
    (Article – open access)

Editorial activities

  • 2019: Guest editor, special issue "Digital innovation management", International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management (Link)
  • Since 2018: Managing editor, Management Review Quarterly (Link)
  • Since 2017: Editorial review board, Small Business Economics (Link)
  • Reviewer for: Journal of Business Venturing, Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, Research Policy, Journal of Corporate Finance, Small Business Economics, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Technology Transfer, R&D Management, Technovation, Journal of Family Business Strategy, Growth and Change

Conference presentations and research talks (selected)

TIE Conference 2019 (Darmstadt, DE)*, 4th ENTFIN Conference (Trier, DE), Workshop “Developments in Entrepreneurial Finance: Crowdfunding, Blockchain, and ICOs” (Lyon, FR), Research Seminar (Bergamo University, IT), G-Forum 2019 (Vienna, AT), ACERE Bootcamp (Brisbane, AU)*, G-Forum 2018 (Stuttgart, DE), Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference (Waterford, IRE)*, AoM 2018 (Chicago, US)*, G-Forum 2017 (Wuppertal, DE), Greater Region Workshop (Luxembourg, LU), TIE conference 2017 (Koblenz, DE), AoM 2017 (Atlanta, US), G-Forum 2016 (Leipzig, DE), Workshop “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” (Luxembourg, LU), G-Forum 2016 (Leipzig, DE), AoM 2016 (Anaheim, US), FIFU conference DACHLi (Siegen, DE), RENT Conference 2014 (Luxembourg, LU), T2S Conference (Bergamo, IT), Erasmus Research Institute of Management Workshop (Rotterdam, NL)

* = Presented by Co-author

Press coverage (selected)

  • My research has been featured in various local and global news outlets, such as Brisbane Times (AU), Computerwelt (DE), Daily Mail (GB), Economic Times (IN), Frankfurter Allgemeine Woche (DE), Handelsblatt (DE), Inc.com (US), L’Actualité (FR), L’Essentiel (LU), MailOnline (GB), Medical Daily (US), MSN (US), New Zealand Herald (NS), phys.org (US), Psychology Today (US), Science Daily (US), Sydney Morning Herald (AU), The Atlas (US), Trierischer Volksfreund (DE), WallstreetOnline (DE), WirtschaftsWoche (DE), Yahoo News (GB), Yahoo Finance (US).
  • Interview on Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) with BörseTV (in German): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjcivKgpaHs
  • Springer Nature selected my study on entrepreneurial personalities in political leadership study as one of 2018’s most influential studies published by Springer Nature. As of 2019, the study ranks Nr. 1 in terms of the Altmetric score for media coverage in news outlets of all studies published in the top 20 innovation and entrepreneurship journals.