FAQ Incoming

Choosing your courses

When does the semester begin in Trier?
Normally, the winter term begins in mid-October and the summer term in mid-April. In general we recommend to arrive a few weeks early in Trier to find a room.

Are there any sessions offered for foreign students in which they receive information about studying in Trier?
The International Student Office provides services for international students, such as sessions in which they receive information about studying in Trier.

Are there any courses that are being taught in English?
Further information is provided here.

How do I sign up for courses?
In order to sign up for courses you have to go to the secretary’s office of each Chair. For instance, if you want to sign up for a class of Prof. Muehlfeld, you have to go to Inge Jansen (C421) who runs the secretary’s office of the Chair of Management, Organisation Studies and Human Resource Management.

How many courses can I attend?
Primarily, you have to arrange the number of courses with your home university. Experience shows that many incoming MEST-students attend five to six courses.


When do the exams take place?
Usually, the exams take place at the end of each lecture period. The lecturer can provide you with further information.

How do I register for exams?
Please register for exams at the corresponding secretary’s office of the chair that is responsible for the specific course, as you already did for your course registration.

In which language does the exam take place?
Usually, exams take place in the course language. If, for instance the course is being held in German, this means that the exam is very likely to be in German as well. The lecturer can provide you with further information and might offer individual arrangements.

Possibilities for Assistance

How do I find housing in Trier?
The University has several housing facilities itself (in German they are called “Wohnheim”). Please contact the International Student Office for further information. Furthermore, there are certain possibilities to find privately rented apartments via posters or via the internet. Popular homepages that display vacant housing options are:


Are there any leisure facilities provided for international students?
An international association of the University Trier, called “Internationales Zentrum e.V”, occasionally offers events, such as featured-country evenings. Moreover, the International Student Office provides guided city tours and further services. International students can, of course, participate in all regular student activities and make use of all the regular leisure facilities of the University of Trier.

Where can I find the International Student Office?
The International Student Office is located in building V, room V20b.

If I have any further questions, whom should I contact?
Ms. Inge Jansen and Ms. Xenia Schmidt will gladly assist you with any further questions. The contact information is provided under Contact.