Welcome to the website of
the Chair for Marketing and Retailing
at Trier University!

Retail management and Internationalization are our passion!

Our Vision
The Chair for Marketing and Retailing generates and communicates knowledge in the fields of retail management, consumer goods marketing/branding, as well as international marketing management.

Our Values
Individuals and their knowledge are in our focus.

Our Goals
In the research, we aim to achieve empirical, practice-relevant and international visible knowledge. The achievements of these objectives are over 300 international journals and conference papers, more than a dozen awards particularly for PhD students (e.g., by the European Marketing Academy, American Marketing Association, European International Business Academy, Academy of International Business) as well as 50 books (e.g., the standard works on Retail Management and International Marketing in the DACH-Countries).

Our goal in teaching resides in the knowledge-based, practical education of necessary empirical-conceptual abilities, as well as the decision competencies for a successful activity in offline and online retailing corporations and the consumer goods industry, especially those dealing with cross-border operations. Professor Swoboda enjoys teaching and you will learn the empirical-conceptual basis for a further qualifying doctorate and practical management decisions in Strategic Marketing and International Business. The strong involvement of corporations takes place in teaching and especially in the Program for High Potentials.

Empirical, practical and individual!

According to the aims and activities in research and teaching, M&R offers the following courses:

  • three-year Bachelor of Science (in the past the courses “Core Value Chain-Processes“ and unchanged "Marketing Management" as well as the modules "Marketing, Retailing and Innovation" and “Consumer Behavior and Marketing Research”, with lectures on offline and online retailing and customer behavior).
  • two-year Master of Science (with the specialization “Retailing and International Marketing-Management” including the two modules "Retail Management and B2C-Marketing" and "International Strategies and Retail Marketing").

Professor Swoboda has the vision of an committed and university-level teaching which includes many examples, cases and empirical studies as well as guest lectures. If you expect an applied science-university level of education (only practical projects, seminars and thesis only with and for corporations) then choosing another chair would be advantageous.

Professor Dr. Prof. h.c. Bernhard Swoboda
Chair for Marketing and Retailing
Trier University
Department IV, Business Administration
Universitaetsring 15
54286 Trier
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