General course of studies (old)

The master program is based regardless of the orientation on five statistic modules:

Survey Statistics: Basic course,

Survey Statistics: Consolidation,

Survey Statistics: Specialization, 

Survey Statistics: Statistics,

Survey Statistics: Quantitative methods.

In these modules  advanced general statistical methods and in particular the inferential statistics are provided, as well as further methodological and thematic priorities are set. For example,  methods of econometrics, Monte-Carlo techniques and computer-intensive methods are discussed on the one hand and special survey sampling methods on the other hand. The method-oriented lectures promote the understanding of the application-oriented modules. Futhermore, they are the basis  for the  student’s first own research activities which are learned and developed in the research module.

The following two diagrams show the standard case and an alternative version of the M. Sc. Survey Statistics. The alternative version allows the recognition of a special research  internship in Survey Statistics. Instead of the two modules scientific workand research project, a one-semester internship is arranged at an appropriate institution, such as EUROSTAT or the Federal Statistical Office. The aim of this internship is to argue, discuss and finally process an appropriate research question with a strong focus on application.

Studienverlauf des Survey Statistics Masters MSc. (Standardfall)
Studienverlauf des Masters in Survey Statistics M.Sc. (Alternative)