University & Refugees

The University of Trier is currently hosting around 14.000 students of nearly 100 different nationalities. 11 % of our students come from foreign countries. Trier is situated in the heart of Europe close to Luxembourg, Belgium and France and the University of Trier has considered itself as an international institution from the very beginning.

New students are being welcomed with open arms. Numerous programs give assistance for integration into University life. The University has a large number of partner institutions in Europe and many other countries making a worldwide exchange and close relations between researchers, lecturers and students possible.

The University of Trier is an open-minded institution and would like to welcome the refugees currently arriving in Germany. With various projects we try to simplify their arrival by helping and advising them during their first weeks and months in Trier and show them ways how to enter University studies.

At the same time we strongly oppose to hostility to foreigners  in Trier, in Germany and in Europe. Universities want and need open-mindedness and internationality. Universities are – by tradition - places of enlightenment in thinking where open exchange, diversity in opinions and tolerance prevail.

On the following pages you will find an overview on the University`s associations and their student organizations including activities concerning the situation of refugees in Germany.

Moreover, you will find links to pro-bono engagements in the city of Trier.