Departments at Trier University

Art History

Discover through historic sites the language and culture of Ancient Egypt

Business Informatics

Designing and implementing intelligent systems for the management of the future

Classical Philology

Study Latin and Ancient Greek language, literature and culture

Computer Science

Study systematic and computer-assisted information processing


Discover through historic sites the language and culture of Ancient Egypt

Environmental & Regional Sciences

Geosciences, biosciences and information science


Examine society, politics, business and culture from the antiquity to today

Law Studies

Legal principles and their interpretation with a view to international legal cultures

Media Studies

Analyse the media society and accompany media change


Decipher texts on papyrus and other ancient materials


Study human existence, the meaning of life and the nature of the world

Political Science

Examine political processes, structures and content

Romance Studies

French, Italian and Spanish linguistics and literature

Slavic Studies

The language, literature and culture of Russia, Poland and other Slavic countries

Theology (catholic)

Rationally research and intellectually account for the Catholic belief system

Business Administration

How business decide, act, plan, organize and calculate

Classical Archaeology

Explore the remains of ancient cultures in the Mediterranean and Trier area

Computational Linguistics and Digital Humanities

Use the opportunities of digitalization for humanities


Understand economic activity in national and international contexts

English Studies

Study the language, literature, culture and society of the English-speaking world

German Studies

German literature, linguistics, German as a foreign language and Yiddish studies


Explore the past and the present language, literature and culture of Japan


Theoretically describe and apply data in numbers, figures and systems

Nursing Science

Meet the challenges of nursing through our dual work-study track programme


Teaching and learning for careers in education


The sounds of language, their production and usage in communication


Examine thinking and behaviour in all areas and phases of life


Learn Chinese and discover a country caught between tradition and modernity


Research structures and phenomena of the human community